Rabbit solutions...western style

       We have caught over a dozen rabbits at my place... at the Mandy and Me location, we had a bunny situation ... the bunnies moved to my hay haven and multiplied.    I have paid for the neutering of 7rl at my own cost however, for the most part the bobcat, coyotes and owls are keeping the problem in check.  I have brought one of my bunnies, Guinness, to many places including seniors' homes.  Guinness had to be vet checked first as well as checked for her non-aggressiveness.   She passed both easily.   Guinness is no longer around, but i have named a place near the greenway the "Fort Socs Guinness Post" in her honor.  I hope to make it an "ethocenter" where people can come and meet some animals and also stay or get picked up to go to Mandy and Me.   The first pic you see is of  two wild bunnies.   The second picture is a lady named Mel who was was about to go for a  birthday ride in the summer of 2008.  She was actually on Misty when we saw and then caught this baby bunny as we were heading out the gate.  She couldn't keep him, as her allergies acted up, but we  found him a home.   The third picture is  Guinness with Zoe, a young girl who came riding  in 2008.   Many people were uplifted by Guinness and other bunnes we have had.  We had Guinness since March 2008.  She and 6 other baby bunnies were found while I was moving hay around to get ready for a barn dance.    
      We now have a male rabbit that we call Baby Guinness since he looked a lot like Guinness.  We have had him since the spring of 2011.  He was in a sink in the tack room and our dog Prince was standing over him.   A few times, Baby Guinnes has been lost but I just ask Prince to "find Baby Guinness" and he will!   He chases wild bunnies, but he seems to realize Baby Guinness is part of our fur family.   Baby Guinness has been to a few schools, many lectures and many gatherings.   I took him to a talk at the UBCO at the opening of oneof the buildings.  There were some speakers about cancer.  One of the leading causes is believed to be stress.  Rabbits and other animals are great peace makers which in turn makes them great stress relievers!