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Why run for the Okanagan Hills name?


           The election for the name is over, and Okanagan Hills was defeated as a name, but I am keeping this page as  am still running for the Okanagan as an area that shouldn't be a victim to our ever present sense of  " you can't stop progress."  The orchard area near Mandy and Me Trailriding and the land behind were once areas of wild horses and have been trailriding land for generations.   It is the home of bear, cougar, bobcats, rattlesnakes, coyotes, racoon, great horned owl, deer, moose and marmots.  I feel very fortunate to have seen all these animals and have pictures of many of them.  I even made songs of a few of them.    I didn't choose or even think of the name Okanagan Hills, but in the municipal election in the fall of 2008, I thought it was the only real choice.   Guiding the trail rides in the hills of the Okanagan,  we meet people from around the world.  This is a name they will remember for both the beauty and the wonderful people they meet.  I have always tried to develop Mandy and Me to be a place for learning from animals how to work together as a people better.   "Helping people help themselves to fun, fitness, and self development with the horses the fulcrum  from which it evolves."   Our area had to choose a name out of the choices:  West Kelowna, Westbank;  Westlake or Okanagan Hills, or leave it the district of the Westside.   I chose to act for the Okanagan Hills, and I hope you do too. 

            As an athlete, I have run for Mount Boucherie high school; for the city of Kelowna, for the valley, for BC and for Canada.  As a political candidate, I ran in a Kelowna civic election, for MLA of East Kelowna and in the 2014 bi-election in West Kelowna.   I am looking towards running federally in the next election.  I ran for the "Okanagan Hills" as a name  because they  inspire me to do what I do and gave me the strength to run as fast and far as I did.  My area is now officially "West Kelowna"  but I still feel that I represent Okanagan hills and country that I ran and ride in.   Maybe together we can make keep it an area of learning and recreation by maintaining a more natural evolution... not golf courses or gravel pits. 

            In 2007 the vote between joining Kelowna and being a new district was very close.  Initially I was one who voted to be with Kelowna.  I now feel that the new district is a great way to help identify the special needs of each of the micro-communities within the district in order to help protect them, preserve their inherent qualities and manage growth throughout.  It is a very special place this district of ours...  

one night as I was mentally struggling with the name issues and whether it even mattered, I decided it did, and wondered what I could do. I came up with this verse of my "Lets sing together" song.

See song listed below.


In case anyone is interested.   A lot of people can't be bothered to vote or be involved when others are trying to provide justice for those who can't speak for themselves.  Remember: Democracy is not a spectator sport nor is it a 4 letter word.   I for one want a say in what happens to the nature in this land that makes our country so wonderful and care for the people too.  I have always been a proud Canadian and want to have a place that I can be proud of living in and being from.