A Special Contest To Give The Program A Kick Start

For the sake of the future, many people know of the 4 R's, recycle, reduce, reuse and refuse.

Like many people for the sake of the environment, I try to recycle and buy groceries that involve recyclable packaging or none at all. My recycling is pretty near always more than my garbage bags these days.

I have owned and operated a trail riding company for some time now and I have a lot of stored twine because I decided to stop throwing it out quite a while ago. It used to take up 3/4 of my garbage most times. I am sure I am not the only one with this issue. The problem is, twine is not currently recycled in the Central Okanagan.

There has been talk, and some very successful pilot projects taking place throughout the province. Of special interest is the program involving The Regional District Of Okanagan Similkameen or RDOS. But for now, here in the Central Okanagan, talk is all we have.

Rather than store my twine indefinitely, I would like to jump start a program here to raise awareness to the needs of a similar program like the RDOS with a contest that involves items made from twine. The contest will have a cash reward incentive that will be donated to non-profit groups and charities on behalf of the winners from various categories.

In some of my research for what to do about the issue of recycling twine, I have found that there are companies that do in fact make it into useful items, however, they do require clean twine which has been a problem. Further, there is even a company in the United States that uses the recycled twine and turns it back into new twine! Here in Canada, there are companies that turn the recycled material into post and rail products. There are many useful items made from this wasted material, but for now, here in the Central Okanagan, it would be great if we as individuals started collecting and storing it until we get our own program.

Hopefully, this contest as outlined below, will educate people to this end while having some fun too!


Special Notice:  
 Bobbie Thompson and her bro Justice were our first winners.  They made a pig out of twine and cans!   An amazing job by an amazing duo
        this is "Narley"

     ... our first entry to the twine contest.     He is relaxing  on a piano...

now a pigano!  Bobbie also made hatbands, and carrots for twine props for our buny patrol costumes.... very artistic and imaginative folk she is. 

What will you make?

Stop      throwing out your twine

Start      recycling it 

We are starting a project that is really really hip! 

  Stop      throwing it in the trash

       Start    keeping a stash 

It is not biodegradable, so let's make it valuable   

 Some background info:

         Twine is recycled in the South Okanagan and they have a great system. They are providing us with information on starting our own program here in the Central Okanagan, of which we are most grateful. We would like to jump start this growing awareness program with a special waste twine contest. The goal is to get people to stop throwing out their waste twine and start gathering the twine in ways that keep it clean. Ideally we will also create some unique and useful products made from it that we can resell, making it an economical solution rather than a waste and an environmental. This problem can be resolved with the positive outcome of adding to our economical growth and lessening the load in our landfills.The South Okanagan diverted 147,000 lbs of agricultural waste between February and August of 2008, from the garbage to the recycling plants near the coast. That will give you some idea of the issue that we are trying to address. Maybe down the road we can get a processing plant in the Okanagan to deal with things thereby employing people saving transport costs and eventually providing a source of economic sustainability. For now, let’s keep it out of the landfill!

The link below provides an overview on The Regional District

Okanagan Similkameen Program and how effective it is and why

we should support our own here in the Central Okanagan

 Great Info For Getting Us Started (thanks to Janice Johnson of RDOS)

 Also be sure to visit the Okanagan Twine Contest  page,

simply follow the link from  the tab at the top of this  page 

 Click button below for RDOS program information.




The entry fees are by donation to Mandy and Me and Fort Socs Trading Company

These two companies are about helping people help themselves to fun Fitness and self fulfillment via four legged friends and extended family.   

Categories will be:

                               Most twine collected

                               Most interesting item made from twine

                               Most re-sellable item made from twine

                               Best Dream Catcher made with twine

As well as category prize winners there will also be random & weekly prizes to contestants including:

                               Horse rides courtesy of Mandy & Me Trail Riding

                               A Lady Jane limousine ride

                               Magic collapsible cups

                               And more as the contest moves along!

What the hay, Make or think of making something with twine today. Who knows, maybe we can get it turned into a product made right here at home instead of shipping it off somewhere else too!

If you or your company would like to contribute a prize or if your non-profit would like to help host contest please contact me at this link : Contest Prize Donation


Easy Steps For Recycling Plastic Baler Twine

Please ensure hay free deliveries

The following method is easy and keeps twine clean and won't break apart your bale.

    1. Hold knot and cut twine close by (both twines separately)

    2. Hold knot and pull clean twine through bale

    3. Clean off hay or debris (recycler may refuse if not totally hay free)

    4. Store twine on hook, posts or in a clean dry bag etc. Please separate colours.